Emotional and Practical Guidance for Performing Artists

You didn’t come this far to stop.


"My sessions with Melanie have been so helpful in allowing me to both discuss and analyse some dark and difficult issues from my childhood but at the same time, allowing me to focus on difficult issues that have come up recently that I need support to get through in the moment. She’s patient and insightful and has an excellent way of summarising an issue or distilling the main underlying problem behind what seems to be a more complex problem. I feel less overwhelmed when she simplifies a big problem to the core issue because I can then find ways to cope and move forwards more positively.."

- Anonymous

"I had eye-opening conversations with Melanie every time we spoke. She lets me talk and then reads between the lines and gives insights, that I haven’t though of. She is very empathatic, understanding and non-judegemental. I felt like I can truly open up and be honest to her and also myself, enabling an honest assessment of my situation and possibilities. I recommend her to everyone who is ready to start honestly work on themselves.."

- Anonymous


Support the rising star

A holistic approach to development is key to building a great artist to last. This service will help you thrive in the industry whilst retaining a solid sense of self. Areas addressed center around identity and resilience.

Engaging in a well-being service for new artists, some areas explored:


Internal psychological processes


Anxiety & depression


Mental health & well-being

Artist development

Disabilities & learning difficulties

Established Artists

Holistic Support & Maintenance

Engaging in a well-being service to reconnect and rebalance your artist-self and innate persona.

A person-centred wellbeing service for artists can address many aspects of your career and prevent psychological distresses that accompany the demands of the business. The small list below embodies some aspects for attention:

Spiritual Resilience

The core self

Identity Realignment

Mental health

Anxiety & depression

Coping Mechanisms

Balancing personal and public life

Performing Arts Coach & Counselling


£60 = 30 min Consultation

£150 = per session

£850 = 6-week sessions

£1750 = 3 month sessions

£7500 = 12-month sessions


£60 = 30 min Consultation

£250 = per session

£1440 = 6 week sessions

£2750 = 3-month sessions

£11,800 = 12-month sessions