Meltopia Ltd is the umbrella company for all people in performing arts. Meltopia's mission and vision are to create better values for performing artists through research, products and services.

Implementing compassion, raising empathy, and self-awareness for a more sophisticated level of communication between musicians and industry executives.

Preserving mental health and fostering resilience

Caring for musicians

Well-being and mental health support for musicians and artists

A Holistic Approach

Performing Artists

Discover the passion and drive of musicians and performing artists. Understand the processes of an artist and how they use their artistry to self-heal.

Meltopia is dedicated to the research of artists and implementing change in policies and attitudes of the music industry

Protection for mental health and fostering resilience.

Your Values

Emotional wellbeing, spiritual healing, and mental health are the core values held as being central to the operating platform for all musicians. Techniques for building on resilience and maintaining authenticity are essential tools for artists in the making.

Your Artistry

Your voice and individuality are the qualities that make you unique. Meltopia can help you reach the real you to help nurture your artist endeavors holistically.

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