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Well-being and mental health support for musicians and artists

The Holistic Approach


Founder - Mel Golding

Meltopia is a company for all budding stars on the road to success. It takes more than just a great recorded album and enticing pictures to become a true-style superstar. To maintain success and ensure the path is steady, there are many facets built around the artist that make them iconic in the field but above all, a great superstar comes from personal attitudes and behaviours that sustain their success. 


The desire to care for musicians comes from a place of knowledge and experience from many years spent in the music industry. This company has the interest of the musician's wellbeing held at the core. There have been many artists who have struggled for multiple reasons and there appears to be very little knowledge and understanding of what being an artist truly entails. Being centred spiritually and holistically is essential for emotional wellbeing and mental health due to the pressures of the music industry. Meltopia is here to guide and assist through counselling, coaching, and mentoring. 

The Values

Emotional wellbeing, spiritual healing, and mental health are the core values held as being central to the operating platform for all musicians. Techniques for building on resilience and maintaining authenticity are essential tools for artists in the making. 

Your Artistry

Your voice and individuality are the qualities that make you unique. Meltopia can help you reach the real you to help nurture your artist endeavors holistically.


Support the rising star 

A holistic approach to development is key to building a great artist to last. This service will help you thrive in the industry whilst retaining a solid sense of self. Areas addressed center around identity and resilience.

Engaging in a well-being service for new artists, some areas explored:


Internal psychological processes


Anxiety & depression for young people


Mental health & well-being

Artist development

Disabilities & learning difficulties 

Professional Artists

Holistic Support & Maintenance

Engaging in a well-being service to reconnect and rebalance your artist-self and innate persona.

A person-centred wellbeing service for artists can address many aspects of your career and prevent psychological distresses that accompany the demands of the business. The small list below embodies some aspects for attention:

Spiritual Resilience

The core self

Identity Realignment

Mental health 

Anxieties & depression

Coping Mechanisms 

Balancing personal and public life

Coach & Counselling Packages

One-to-one sessions:

£350 = per session

£1500 = 6 week sessions

£2750 = 3 month sessions

£11,700 = 12 month sessions


Sensitive Topics and Sometimes taboo!

Performing Artists chat with Mel from all Around the World

Welcome to Facing Mel's Music!

Tune in to this show and hear the real-life narratives of musicians and performing artists who speak of mental health & well-being. In a world of little support, these amazingly talented souls make their music with passion conveying strong valuable messages for the good of the nation. Artists disclose personal life struggles whilst striving for their dream careers.  

Mel Golding

Performing Arts Coach & Counsellor

Mel is expert in the field of music and the music industry. Her years as a performing artist make her the perfect coach for young artists and high-end artists who struggle with the demands of the industry. Mel is a licensed therapist based in the UK with years of experience assisting people with their mental health, well-being and work-life challenges. Her approach to coaching & counselling is humanistic and person-centred. Mel is renowned for attuning to her clients with high empathy and unconditional positive regard. She is congruent from the word go and described as highly intuitive to slightly psychic! Mel's ability to accurately attune to people is the element that gets to the core of her client's challenges.

Mel Golding

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